In a few short weeks, the pandemic has changed everything. For decades, activists and campaigners have been fighting to change the system, and suddenly the machine we’ve been trying to stop has been powered down to only what is essential.

Many of us have been touched by loss of loved ones, loss of income, loss of community and loss of security. Indeed, there is reason to believe that the world we’ve known until now has died. But trying to bring back the old world would be a mistake. That old world is what led us into this mess to start with, and greater messes beyond the pandemic; catastrophic climate change and ecosystem damage which risks all life on Earth.

Now is the time for breaking out of our usual habits and siloed issue areas. We must re-imagine every corner of society, from food systems to education to how we use technology, how we do waste, how we generate energy, and the rhythms and behaviours with which we live our lives. We must do this so that we #dontgobacktonormal.

We see this pause as an opportunity for each of us to make the transition from the old dying ways of being and doing to something that looks very different. We must create this new world by the choices and actions we can take in this time.

#dontgobacktonormal is a movement of people who commit to change every corner of their lives, and build a movement around these changes. Each divestment from the old normal and each transition to a new platform or service or subscription brings all of us closer to the new world that is possible, and is reachable in this pandemic.

This site makes UK-specific recommendations for how we #dontgobacktonormal. If you're interested in creating a site for another country, get in touch.

Do food differently

Try local and alternative food sources that are more resilient and sustainable.

Do social media differently

Share safely, take your data with you, and build trusted relationships without big corporations watching in. Decentralisation supports localisation, while protocols enable interoperability.

Do video and messaging differently

Fully encrypted, without backdoors, where privacy and security are prioritised.

Do decision making differently

These platforms and approaches offer more empowering and participatory ways to gather perspectives, make decisions, and take action together.

Do work differently

Work without bosses

Do budgeting differently

How we share money and resources to do great things together.

Do ownership differently

Starting a new project? Look into some of the longstanding and novel legal structures that enable fairer and more participatory ways to incentivize collective wealth creation.

Do banking differently

Banks and financial institutions owned by their customers or dedicated to ecological regeneration.

Do money differently

Money is a measure of what we value. Current monetary systems are programmed to deliver continual growth in production and consumption, while externalising resource degradation and environmental destruction onto the most vulnerable and voiceless. Here are some projects seeking to change that.

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